As we are all in this together

We Support People

Pay it Forward

We often come across gorgeous people with tremendous potential, that due to the beliefs they inherited, at the moment are not able to pay for sessions. When they show they are really ready and want to do the work we sometimes take them on board anyway.

Your financial support makes this and our tours with high costs, free content, free events for special target groups and tree planting possible. Thank you very much for your support and sharing the content on your socials.
Together we really CAN change the world!

Much Love, Eyra 💋

We Plant Trees

The more I become aware of what we truly are, (a part of the Universe, life, nature, energy), the more I become aware we are all connected.

Trees are helping me breathe, filter the water we drink, provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity that keeps us all in balance, jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.

Together with BIzcatalyst360 and 360 Nation, an American organization we started a Forest of Friends and you can be in it too!


Gift Cards

Give Away an Experience For Life

Another way of paying it forward is to give a session as a present to someone..
We have seen family members thrive after a few sessions, giving away a session as a present to their sisters as they understood as no other how it could free their minds! When you invest in someone else’s shift, we will give you a
present too. The more people clear their subconscious mind and discover
their life purpose, the more beautiful the world!

Here are some examples:
* Your best friend or sister before she gets pregnant
Sessions to clear the fear of the pregnancy or to clear the Subconscious Mind so the baby doesn’t inherit the same beliefs, fears and old family blockages.

* A 1:1 Source Healing session to your co-worker with a lot of stress or a friend in pain

* The Personal Reconnection after a life altering moment to someone who doesnt really know what to do with their life and could use some direction, feeling more grounded.

There are several budgets possible and we do accept payment plans.


Online HALO Experience. A group session through Zoom in which Eyra will tune in on whatever comes up for the group during a guided meditation. Mathieu facilitates a Source Healing integration session at the same time, so the healing will take place on a quantum level as well.

€ 25,-

The HALO Experience LIVE! A group session with Mathieu and Eyra consisting with two sessions Source Healing, a guided meditation, Sound Healing with handpan and vocals, Root cause clearing, quantum physics and DNA activation.

€ 65,-

1:1 Session with Eyra to clear the first ten years. This session is a 15min talk followed up with a guided meditation to clear and integrate the truth. The whole session is about an hour.

€ 150,-

1:1 Session with Eyra to clear the root cause of an issue that really bothers them. Think about money blocks, weight loss, rejection in relationships, anything. This session is a 15min talk followed up with a guided meditation to clear and integrate the truth. The whole session is about an hour.

€ 150,-

10 sessions Distant Healing with Mathieu on a Monday night at 22:00h CET.
Your friend or family member will receive a stripe card for ten sessions. Unlimited available. This will take place without camera. You will simply receive the message from Mathieu he will switch himself on at 22h and a message when the session is over. Comfortable from your own bed/couch.

€ 150,-

1:1 Session with Mathieu to release stress, tension and anything that no longer serves you in body and energy field. The whole session is about an hour. There are two ways:
Source Healing Release and Activation of your light codes
Source Healing Integration session that goes quantum.

€ 150,-

The Personal Reconnection! A gift for life and special moment! During this powerful activation the meridians around the body will be reconnected with the leylines of Earth and the grid of the quantum field. Your life will never be the same again! Two sessions of one hour with a night in between.

€ 333,-

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