Hi, my name is Eyra

My title Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Intuition Trainer, but more important is my truth; I am an antenna, energy, light and I can’t wait to discover what is yours! 💖 

I am specialized in tuning into the Subconscious Mind [SCM] to see the rootcause of limiting beliefs and behavior. Together we can go on a journey why and when these beliefs were created and integrate the truth that will set you free.

I facilitate
* One-on-one Clearing sessions in which you will clear what isn’t yours, discover your truth, your blue print and WHY the Universe created you on purpose!
* Intuition Training to find limiting beliefs yourself and clear them
* Intuition Training advanced to find your life purpose and create a life WITH your own antenna!

With my partner Mathieu Iking:
1-on-1 retreats in Ibiza
* The Halo Experience, weekly events to clear the old and activate what is written in your DNA with SCM Clearing and Source Healing.
* Weekly Q&A and LIVE events in Ibiza and the Netherlands.

For people who see themselves as
* High Sensitive Personalities / ADD
* (Life) Coaches, Trainers
* Entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs
* For people who really want to create a massive shift in their lives and go for it!
* For people who want to raise their vibration not just for themselves, but for their families and the rest of the world! 

I love nothing more than to pay forward what got me to where I am today and guide more people in alignment! It’s really when the fun starts!

So much love,
Eyra 💋

Back in Truth;
Our 3 Step Formula


Together with Mathieu Iking from Source Healing Ibiza, we combined all that has worked for us
and designed a powerful 3 STEP WAY to get reconnected in truth and transform on all levels!

Step 1: Clear energy blockages and THE ROOTCAUSE of limiting beliefs with SCM CLEARING and SOURCE HEALING
Step 2: Reconnect to your True Essence and the Universe/Quantum field with THE PERSONAL RECONNECTION
Step 3: Activate your Intuition and discover your Life Purpose with THE INTUITION TRAINING

As there are many years and layers to be cleared we cannot do it all ourselves in just a few sessions and we don’t want to! Because with the right tools you can do it yourself! It will empower you and bring confidence and makes you independent of anyone and anything! When you fully choose to give yourself this life changing program, we will not leave you by yourself during the process! With the weekly HALO Experience, a weekly webinar and Q&A and recap calls now and again we will do anything we can to get you to the other side of the matrix. Sharing our lights each in our own way, living our life purpose, is WHY the Universe created us. Are you really in? To create a shift in yourself and into a new world together? Then we are YOUR TEAM! Fully!

What is not yours and never was

Your system with the Universal Intelligence

Learn life changing tools

Group Session

The HALO Experience [online]

HALO on Tour

Sessions 22-29 Juni Netherlands

Retreats Ibiza

1-on-1 retreats at stunning locations


Book a FREE Discovery Call!

Discover Your Truth!
Discover why the Universe created you on purpose.
What makes you you? What is your unique blueprint, that if you follow that, your life gets in flow. During this free call I will tune in to your subconscious mind and Higher Mind to see what is blocking you and what truth will set you free.
This call takes about 20 minutes.

Connect here to set up a date or click the button!
Fill in your name, email and what possible time/date works for you.

I am looking forward to meet the REAL you!

So much love, Eyra 💋

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Become a part of my “Forest of Friends” and let’s give back to our planet!

Love, Eyra 💋🌱

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