Wat hebben we weer een mooie tour achter de rug.  Prachtige cadootjes van mensen ontmoet. Sessies met openbaringen waar we nog lang over na zullen praten omdat het zo ongekend inspirerend is waar mensen mee komen.

Wil jij de volgende keer ook een live sessie bijwonen? Een HALO Experience met Live muziek of een prive Source Healing, SCM Clearing of Personal Reconnection? Klik op onderstaande button voor de nieuwsbrief of volg ons op social media

Liefs, Mathieu en Eyra
The HALO Tour

Hi, my name is Eyra

I facilitate transformation sessions and trainings to discover what isn’t yours and never was, what your blueprint is, how to recognize and reconnect with it and create a life according to that blueprint.

My Story
High sensitive as I am, I had picked up many beliefs from the people around me.
As I felt it, I thought I was it and so I started to create a life from those beliefs, fears and patterns. By the time I was in my 40’s it had gotten to point zero where I found myself broke, homeless, dependent, with a severe low self esteem, and found myself numb and done with life searching for pennies to buy water and a banana.

Being in nature and on my own during this time, the silence brought me straight into a field of nothingness. Staring at the ocean for hours, days and months did something for me. Insights started to appear. Ancient wisdom from nowhere. It slowly helped me to become intrigued.

Now many years later I studied many teachings, courses and training and combined it with what I receive in silence. After clearing my own subconscious mind for a great deal, I started to discover my blueprint and remembered gifts from ancients times. I now quickly see the rootcause of limiting beliefs, fears and family patterns and can help you to remember what really happened.

Together with Mathieu Iking, who crossed my path quickly after I had raised my vibration, we developed a 3 step program that will help you to release, reconnect and elevate as well. Together we are passionate about helping you to remember and reconnect with your blueprint. You can do each element of the program alone as well. However for the best result we recommend to go through it entirely.

I (we) cannot wait to me you and discover your blueprint together with you!

Love, Eyra

Our 3 Step Formula

The Full Experience


Together with Mathieu Iking from Source Healing Ibiza, we combined all that has worked for us
and designed a powerful 3 STEP WAY to remember and reconnect with your blueprint and transform on all levels!

Step 1: Clear energy blockages and THE ROOTCAUSE of limiting beliefs with SCM CLEARING and SOURCE HEALING
Step 2: Reconnect to your True Essence and the Universe/Quantum field with THE PERSONAL RECONNECTION
Step 3: Activate your Intuition and discover your Life Purpose with THE INTUITION TRAINING

As there are many years and layers to be cleared we cannot do it all ourselves in just a few sessions and we don’t want to! Because with the right tools you can do it yourself! It will empower you and bring confidence and makes you independent of anyone and anything!

You can start with just one session or a few, or dive in full!
When you choose you,
we will fully choose you too!
And do anything we can to get you to the other side of the matrix.

Sharing YOUR light and joining forces, living our life purpose, is WHY the Universe created us.
Are you really in?
To create a shift in yourself and into a new world together?
Then we are YOUR TEAM! Fully!

To get to know each other first and see what is possible for you!

What is not yours and never was

Your system with the Universal Intelligence

Learn life changing tools

What else we facilitate









The HALO Experience Ibiza

Online or live in
Netherlands | Ibiza | Italy

New Leadership training
and sessions

The Personal Reconnection Ibiza

Sessions at stunning locations at powerful energy spots

To awaken your true potential
in the heart of Italy


Danielle Hermeler na deelname
HALO Experience LIVE Bussum

Stephan Bosman, nieuw ondernemen met Mathieu en Eyra

Book a FREE Discovery Call!

Discover Your Truth!
Discover why the Universe created you on purpose.
What makes you you? What is your unique blueprint, that if you follow that, your life gets in flow. During this free call I will tune in to your subconscious mind and Higher Mind to see what is blocking you and what truth will set you free.
This call takes about 20 minutes.

Connect here to set up a date or click the button!
Fill in your name, email and what possible time/date works for you.

I am looking forward to meet the REAL you!

So much love, Eyra 💋

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The Planet

Become a part of my “Forest of Friends” and let’s give back to our planet!

Love, Eyra 💋🌱

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