Finding Truth & Love Within

Want to create prosperity in all areas of life? Look no further than your own True Self!
Together we tune in straight to the rootcause and see what’s blocking you.
After clearing it, we’ll infuse the truth and start creating a new life.


Ever since I was a little girl I have this tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. My journey in discovering the law of the Universe, words we use, believes we took as our own that create our reality, reflect back in my work.

Please join me on this journey. To go within and reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every area of our lives. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance and serenity that we are.

Are you in?

Love, Eyra ๐Ÿ’‹

Finding more truths in...

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In Eyra Talks you will find radio, TV and podcast interviews in which she will talk about life, discoveries, the Universe and the journey back to her true self.

Many messages come when I’m composing. Songs about self love, finding home within, breaking free from your old identity and more. Either produced myself or with other like minded composers and producers you can find them on this page and Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Youtube.

The articles and interviews you will find here, are my reflections and discoveries or tunings with my own True Self. Hopefully they give some direction or inspiration, but remember to always check with your TS. “What is the message for me?”

These video’s are created to use visuals as a vehicle to share messages from the Universe or to help you drift away and really feel the energy captured in the music. When we connect to our infinite self we are receptive for whatever your TS wants to tell you.

Check out the daily reminders on Instagram and let me know what you received! As this vessel can only pick up so much, together we hear, see, feel more and make the message complete.

To the planet

We just reached our goal to donate a 1000 trees to One Tree Planted!
The royalties for the song and video “As We Are One” will entirely go to planting trees in India, Brazil and Australia as well. So if you have a radio or TV station broadcast the video! When you go to Spotify and Youtube and listen for free you will also help plant a tree!

Love, Eyra ๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŒฑ



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