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Open event and Q&A voor iedereen die geinteresseerd is
het kijken achter de Matrix, het ontwaken uit de “IK” droom.

Ook voor deelnemers van onze evenementen, sessies en trainingen. Je kan ook een tune in vraag stellen over je leven, welke overtuiging je nu mag opruimen, welke waarheid jouw hogere zelf je nu wil vertellen op het gebied van gezondheid, relaties, overvloed en financien, je levens doel.

WELKOM bij onze community van mensen die ECHT het verschil willen maken!

Open Q&A for everyone who is interested in seeing behind the Matrix, waking up from the “me-” dream. Also for participants of any of our events, courses, training and sessions. You can also ask a tune in questions about your life, love, health, relationships, abundance and life purpose. WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY of soul liked beings!

Weekly frequency booster facilitated by Mathieu Iking from Source Healing Ibiza and Eyra Moon from Discover Your Truth.

We found out that the combination of our two methods and energies have a deep clearing impact and is designed to raise your vibration. It has the potential to heal on all levels: body, mind and spirit. It’s effective against pain, stress, and emotional issues, offers guidance and activates your skills written in your DNA. It is our passion to reconnect you to your essence, release what is not serving you and restore balance. By doing this weekly we will clear layer by layer and create a new mind in truth that sees new possibilities so that you can create a new life and have a huge impact on the rest of the world: just by being!
We love to meet you!
Love, Mathieu and Eyra

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