Life Changing Retreats

On a regular basis we offer exclusive training and life changing experiences at a stunning location in Italy. Join us on a 4-day retreat without cellphone or TV. Just the sound of silence, seminars and sessions at the fire place. Relax in the Roman bathhouse. Learn how to tune into nature, your higher self and each other. Work with energy and other self mastery tools to raise your vibration for yourself and the planet and create a life in truth and harmony.

Release Reconnect and Recreate

All participants have done The Personal Reconnection, which creates an interesting group of people. As we belief its all about reconnecting; to nature, your higher self, your blueprint and life purpose, the trainings, sessions and seminars will be about the next step. How to tune in and move forward from that connection.

danny en annemiek eremito okt 2022
reconnect nature with Eyra
Danielle Eremito okt 2022


As you know Mathieu and Eyra always pick locations that open your heart and feel warm and cozy. Eyra was guided to this place. She will tell you all about how she got here, during one of the talks at the fire place. The monastery lies in the heart of Italy and is built on a powerful energy spot. Just being here is bringing you instant peace of mind already.

hotel for the soul ITALY
Exclusieve Weekend Eyra and Mathieu
eremito silenzio
exclusive weekend
exclusive training

Private Room

In most retreat houses you often need to share a room. We find it however really important to have a lot of space and time for yourself to process and to just be with you in your own energy. Each participant will therefore have their own room and bathroom and a lot of free time during the retreat. This is really a treat for you! The love and attention you deserve!

Feeding The Soul

Apart from feeding your soul and reconnecting to it, we will enjoy many healthy meals with vegetarian, organic food 3 times a day. The climate here allows us often to enjoy them outside, but when it’s chilly it will be at the cozy fire place. The evening dinner will take place in silence, so we can reflect back at the day and really enjoy the food. Something the Benedict monks did as well.


exclusive training

The Program

The next retreats are:
1-5th of June
3-7th November [Advanced Training].


Have you done at least a HALO Experience, Source Healing session or SCM Clearing session
and The Personal Reconnection or about to? 
Send us a message and we will send you more info!

We are looking forward to see you!

Your hosts Mathieu and Eyra


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