and how to find it?

What is love has been one of my favorite topics in the world. It fascinates me to the bone and has been for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was WHY I was born into this life, these circumstances, this time? The search brought me to and through different layers, truths, and non-truths. Let me take you to one of them. Published in Bizcatalyst360.

“How Your Beliefs Were Never Yours”

Yesterday I stumbled upon a deep and very old grieve. It appeared to be something way before I was even born, which I have noticed with myself as well as with clients it usualy is! Sensitive beings as we are, we pick up non-dissolved energy with our antenna. As we are the ones feeling it, the MIND assumes we ARE it. But that is just a THOUGHT. You can read it in Bizcatalyst360. A magazine that focuses on TrueSelf.

“Align With Your Desires”

How I manifested a loft, living in a monastery in Italy, bathing in a warm waterfall in nature and much more, without any penny. You can read it in Bizcatalyst360. A magazine that focuses on TrueSelf.

“Angels From the Forest, a day out with True Self”

When a friend asked to join the challenge to be SOUL-LED and just follow what comes up with no plans, I didn’t hesitate one bit. I love those days and I know they will always lead to something so beautiful. The gift I received yesterday was priceless and still warms my heart! If you are very quiet you can come with me 🤫😊 

INTERVIEWED Eyra Moon “Do not try to be liked by everybody”

As our society, upbringing and education is still too much Ego based, we started to believe the beliefs that Ego created when we were small. I am not good enough and I am not lovable are two of the biggest that most of us suffer from. When we however start to see how the Universe sees us, we become one with it. It’s when our antenna picks up the right messages. READ THE INTERVIEW.

Transforming Energy

How "Cambodia" gave me my WHY of music

Music has been a quest for me. What to do with it and where to fit in. Until… a series of events helped me understand music was more than the Ego part, even more profound than bringing people love and comfort. To me, it became an ability to transform the energy of a heavy event into something beautiful. Healing. Light. Please read how the collaboration with Tony Anderson and creating “Cambodia” changed me forever.

READ in Bizcatalyst360.

Water Taught Me


Maybe life is just something that happens. It’s when we believe our thoughts about what is happening, we get angry, sad, or depressed. When we just flow with whatever life is bringing us and look at it, we get through it. Like water.


COVID Taught Me

In Total Lockdown

What did Covid bring Eyra Moon? “I try to focus on the now as much as I can, finding unity within. Unity with everything that is and focus on what makes me happy or sit with whatever occurs when I don’t.”


The Truth about Void

In Bizcatalyst360 Magazine

I had a meeting with Truth last night. He visited me by surprise. The stars were shining bright as Jupiter winked at me in the silence of the lonely air. Truth kissed my cheek as lovers do.


The Lighthouse

We intend to forget what we really are

We sometimes forget to see what we truly are. May we remind each other at times! Share this with anyone who sometimes seems to forget.



The story behind – “iAM”

Imagine being a soul in a human body. Experiencing all aspects of human life as if it is the first time.


What About the News

What if our morning News Looked Like This?

Imagine waking up with a cup of coffee starting the day with the New World News Channel, which starts with a guided meditation to reprogram our conditioned minds to create a new world.


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