Astrophotography Amir H. Albolfath.

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At KNOBTV (Roku Channel USA)

This video is about someone who will do anything to keep a partner with them, even if that is not for their highest good. It was shot at the stunning location The Sleeping Giant in Antequera, Spain. 

Composer/Lyrics: Eyra Moon
Video/camera: Renegato

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Where Are You Now

Where Are You Now is a film-ish production about the discovery of true self.
It tells the story through landscapes of sound and melody, that will take you into a different world. Images and dream symbols tell the story. I would like to invite you to look at it and ask yourself What do I see? What message is in it for you? Hopefully it offers you the space to receive your own insights and things your inner wisdom wants you to know.

With special thanks to Andreas Holm for the moon shots!
Location: Marbella, Spain.

The official video for “High As a Kite, about where you can find love, sweet love. 

Song: Ronald Vanhuffel, Eyra Moon

The official video for “Lost in Infinity”
Dive deep into your infinite self. That space where all answers lie within.

Song: Ronald Vanhuffel, Eyra Moon

During the worldwide online festival Hopefest360 on NewYears Day 2021 I shared my hopes and wished for the new year.


Song: I Am – Eyra Moon

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