Collaboration with Ronald Vanhuffel

Ronald Vanhuffel is a Flemish composer/musician and producer who worked with some of the best artist from the Benelux like BLØF, Volumnia, A Balladeer, Miss Montreal, Frank Boeijen and many more. 

Lately he has been focusing on cinematic music for film and production where he combines his electronic sounddesigns with organic instruments like bass, drum and guitar, which he all plays himself.

March this year (2021) his new album “
Basa Mortuko” was released. A beautiful album with Kyoko Baertsoen, singer of Hooverphonic and composer of the song “Tears for the Moon” that was covered by Sinead O’Conner and remixed by DJ Tiesto.



New release "Lost in Infinity"

During the lockdown of 2020 Eyra was stuck in a country with a total lockdown and very strict military police swiping the streets empty. “There was nothing else for me to do then to sit in the garden and listen to the upmost silence that suddenly had appeared. For hours and months I just laid there listening to the sounds of nature and staring at the night-sky. It was a gentle silence that made me quiet on the inside. I suddenly had time to listen to my feelings and thoughts. Received insights and ideas about my life.

It inspired me to create cinematic music that tells a story without words to give space to the listener to create their own stories and receive insights. We both hope this track helps you to find that same space within. The place where you can find all the answers that are important to you.

“It was incredible how much we have been on the same frequency”.
[Ronald Vanhuffel]

At the same time Ronald too found himself wondering: “What music do I really want to make?” and followed up on his dream to create film music. “After Eyra first contacted me and told me what she had been up to, I couldn’t believe our synchronicity. Especially when we started to send each other our latest work it was incredible how much we have been tuning in on the same frequency”.

Not long after their first phonecall American filmcomposer Tony Anderson from Los Angeles asks Eyra to collaborate on a track for his new album Nuit. Her almost wordless music, voice and mission are aligned with his approach to music. When Eyra gets the chance to go back home, she contacts Vanhuffel to record her vocals for Tony’s track Cambodia.

Flemish producer, musician and composer Ronald Vanhuffel


Lost in Infinity


Lost in Infinity has been released on Friday April 16 2021 and can be found worldwide on all download and streaming platforms.


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