New World

New World Music is the combination of words and music in which I share my experiences as a soul having a human experience. Rediscovering my source self in day to day life, throughout human emotions and fear. Getting in alignment.

The epic, film like music takes the audience to landscapes of sounds. With almost no lyrics, so you will get the chance to go within and see what your inner wisdom wants you to hear.

I work together with filmmakers, magazines, artists in exhibitions, or any other person with the same mission; to remember who we truly are.

Scroll down to read the articles posted in Bizcatalyst360, an American magazine that focuses on rediscovering humanity. I am very happy and grateful with this collaboration!

"Change happens when we choose change in every moment"

When we want our world to change into love, joy, abundance, freedom and balance, there is only one way: awaken in the truth that we are already! Chances are nobody taught us when we were a kid, because the people who brought us up probably didn’t know either. When the collective believe system of our society is focused on lack and fear, the result is greed, pollution, war etc. In the illusion there is not enough time, not enough space and not enough money for everyone, we want to do and buy as much as we can.

We were taught to protect what we have and fight for our freedom. We see this in social media, the news, songs, books, art, education. However fear and lack is ONLY coming from such a small part that we have; the mind! The larger part that is us, is infinite. Is energy. Is love. Harmony. These are not just words, but a state of being. A part of nature. It is what we are.

A New World

What would happen when we learn to reconnect with our larger part? The one that is infinite. A part of nature. The Universe. When we stop listening to what everyone else is shouting in the media? Politicians? TV? School? And go within? Reconnect with our own  inner wisdom.

Imagine what kind of choices we would make, when we truly know “I am freedom!” … “I am love!” … “I am abundance” and approach everything and everyone from that space.

I truly believe that when we start to connect to what we truly are, we can create a new world. We will suddenly become aware of the words we use and our believes so we can consciously change them. It will change our education system, our art, books, movies, conversations, songs. Us!

The Story behind  “Won’t Bring Me Down”

What did Covid bring Eyra Moon? “I try to focus on the now as much as I can, finding unity within. Unity
with everything that is and focus on what makes me happy or sit with
whatever occurs when I don’t.”


The Story behind  “Where Are You Now?”

I had a meeting with Truth last night. He visited me by surprise. The stars were shining bright as Jupiter winked at me in the silence of the lonely air. Truth kissed my cheek as lovers do.



The story behind – “Shine on Me”

We sometimes forget to see what we truly are. May we remind each other at times! Share this with anyone who sometimes seems to forget.



The story behind – “iAM”

Imagine being a soul in a human body. Experiencing all aspects of human life as if it is the first time.




The story behind – “Free Spirits of the Wind”

Imagine waking up with a cup of coffee starting the day with the New World News Channel, which starts with a guided meditation to reprogram our conditioned minds to create a new world.





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