Transformation Island

Ibiza with her powerful energy spots, is known for its magic and transformational healing aspects.
We, Mathieu Iking and Eyra Moon, offer retreats that will change your life forever. At stunning places, where the energy can be felt, you can leave behind the old and reconnect to your true essence. We love nothing more than for you to live your life purpose fully! Apart from clearing your energy field and subconscious mind, we can share some life changing tools with you, so you can do it yourself and become independent of anyone!

So are you visiting Ibiza any time soon?
Are you ready for you next expansion?
Take that next step, join us and start living your full potential!​

Sunset Sessions

Imagine early in the morning or right before sunset a session on a cliff high above the ocean at one of the most powerful energy spots Ibiza has. Eyra will bring her handpan and sing while we drink alcohol free Cava (Champagne).
If we are lucky we may see the mantas swim below us or other sea life.

Clearing - Source Healing & Subconscious

Combined session with Mathieu and Eyra of which we will clear the rootcause of limiting beliefs that are blocking you and integrate the truth that will set you free. The clearing and integration will be on all levels; Subconscious Mind, Energy field, Body, Soul and Quantum and whatever else wants to come through during this session with Source Healing and SCM Clearing. It creates a new mind that will help you to create a new life. One in alignment with your blueprint. You can book the same sessions apart from each other. Source Healing with Mathieu Iking and SCM Clearing with Eyra.

Source Healing Mathieu Iking
Subconscious Mind Clearing Eyra Moon

The Personal Reconnection on location

Powerful activation facilitated by Mathieu Iking that will reconnect your meridians with the leylines of Earth and the grid of the Universe. While being reconnected you will receive information from the Universe/Source easier. The result can be more flow in life, clearer on what your life purpose is, clear insights, dreams, meeting new people to help you on your life purpose path. In any way will bring you on a next level. As it changed both our lives we want to pay it forward.

The Personal Reconnection
The Personal Reconnection Ibiza
The Personal Reconnection Ibiza

Stunning Locations

Every body knows the powerful rock Es Vedra, but there are places along the island that are much more powerful than that.
We will bring you to special energy spots in the middle of nature that most tourist don’t get to see. For instance to a little cave they call “The Womb of Ibiza” (photo2) where you can feel her warm embrace and even see the energy on camera. Let us surprise you and show you real Ibiza to truly awaken all of your senses!

1 on 1 retreats ibiza


Watch these videos to get an impression and get on a call with us to see what is possible for you!

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