My passion for the handpan started about 14 years ago when I first heard it on Youtube. My heart stopped and had to have one before I died!

In 2012 I got lucky when my name accidentally was placed on the top of a very long waiting list. I raced to the shop (a 3,5 hour drive with my peejees still on).

Over the years I have had 3 handpans of three different makers. The one I am having right now will stay with me forever. I love it’s gentle sound, the wawa when you wave over the notes and the touch of steel underneath my hand feels like velvet. Another big advance is that you don’t hear the two metal plates clash on one another as cheap handpans often do.

If you are serious in wanting to buy a handpan, you can contact me to try it out. To hear it, feel it and I can teach you some basics on how to play. I am based in the Netherlands and Ibiza.

Try It Yourself!

Listen here

This was my first handpan, the Caisa.

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